Down Poor Man's Trail

by Paper Trees - Eric King

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Acoustic music by Eric King. Recorded in a room between February and August of 2010.


released August 18, 2010

All songs and lyrics by Eric King
Vocals on "Humtroller" and "Failure" by Christen Fulk
Whistles on "Humtroller" and Claps on "Failure" by Sam Santilli
Electric Guitar on "The Limestone" by Scott King
Cover photo by Lauren Robie


all rights reserved



Paper Trees - Eric King Miami, Florida

Eric King, also known as Paper Trees, is a singer-songwriter from Miami, FL who has toured locally and nationally for the past 14 years in various bands and acts. From progressive rock, to indie pop, electronica, and folk, Eric has explored many facets of music to create an ecletic sound that can be experienced at his live performances. ... more

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Track Name: The Look (On Your Face)
My stomach filled with sticks
You were bright-eyed and gleaming
Trotting towards the ceiling
While the music here was blaring
Representing southern Florida
You were a cigarette in the darkness
You drank til you were sober
Ranting and uncovered
Yea, you showed us

Where we load in that's where you escaped
The first door opened that's where you escaped
If you could see the look on your face

Now you're worse the ever
We saw you as we started to play
Spitting on the floor
That's what I call "shoe gaze"

I will stomp down do hard I will break through this stage
Through splinters and nails I will break through this stage
If you could see the look on your face

Faces on pictures of our good times
Are they what they seem

If you could see the look on your face
Track Name: Right
Some time away
Would do us fine
Some time away
I'll stay behind
But it'll take
Some time for me to say
You're right

Waking up in the middle of the night
TV's on
Up til dawn
Looking for a way out
I've had my chance to think of a way out
Til you find out
Track Name: Humtroller
Come see the architect
Buildings made with treble clefts
So tall you'd break your neck to see
Him humming so pristine

Come see the controller
D-pads switch time signatures
Too bad a conductor shouldn't sing
But he can still hum so pristine

It's all a fad
It's not what it seems
A plateau built on video game themes

You go on live your dream
When it calls be ready
So go on live your dream
Track Name: Failure (feat. Christen Fulk)
What ever I can do to help
Time turns a brand new page
Where thoughts are spoken
And not just felt
And simple understandings

Work for all
That you vowed
As you told
You'd work it out
Failure's not allowed

Think back when
The lights went out
As rain swept in
Your love was found
Failure's not allowed

It's not question
It's not blame
It's not caution
It's not rage
It's all
Track Name: Presenting
Presenting a drink called quotes of the weak
Defending their worth while we sense defeat
All the letters have been mailed
Sending us down poor man's trail

When you're face to face
With the machine that stole your change
When you're face to face
With the machine that took your place

Presenting the web of uncertainty
Defending our worth to a sadistic king
He will let us have our say
To petition more funding

And they're telling you to wait
Another is presenting
Track Name: The Limestone
What's so troubling about this heat
I know how it grabs at your being
You're too reluctant to uphold

The limestone
Trying to make ends meet
While tangled at the feet
This feat

I know how you must've felt
Big city boys lost in the bible belt
Not sure of what they were trying to sell

Was it fiction
Was it theory
Or was it genius

We've been away for a while
I think it's time we go
And make our way back home
To the lives we know
To reality
We've lived the dream
It was more of a scheme
An unforgiving scene
And infinite back beats
Oh, the back beats

Were the limestone
Foundations crumbling beneath
We're just trying to make ends meet

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